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POLL: Do You Still Stand For The National Anthem?

Liberals and Democrats are chipping away at the foundation of America. They use every opportunity to politicize and polarize anything they can turn into an ‘issue’. Everyone is racist, everything is repressive. Men are too manly, women too prudish. It doesn’t surprise me that they have turned to attacking our ...

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Poll: Should Hillary Clinton Be Jailed For Her Role In Benghazi?

On Sept. 11, 2012, heavily armed Islamist militants launched an organized attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, setting fire to buildings before all U.S. personnel could escape or reinforcements could arrive. The attackers later launched mortar rounds at a nearby CIA compound. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and ...

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Poll: Who Do You Trust More, Donald Trump Or The Media?

Trump has made clear his dislike for the news media and called them both ‘dishonest’ and ‘sleezy’.  A poll conducted by CNN / ORC International of registered female voters found that voters backed Trump by an unheard of margin, 92% said they believe Trump over the media. What do you think, ...

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POLL: George W. Says Trump Isn’t A True Republican: Do You Agree?

Former President George W. Bush and his father, former President George H.W. Bush, both criticize President Trump in a new book to be released this month, with George W. Bush admitting that, despite Trump’s political affiliation, he’s worried that he will be the last Republican president. George W. Bush also ...

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POLL: Are We Obligated To Accept Refugees Into US?

Trump plans to close the doors on refugees this week, drastically cutting the numbers that were let in under the Obama administration. Liberals are FURIOUS, saying we are obligated to take in our share of refugees. Do you think we are obligated to accept refugees into the US? Are We ...

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