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POLL: Should Muslim Refugees be required to get immunizations?

ANCIENT PLAGUE SPREADS THROUGH MINNESOTA COMMUNITY AS MUSLIM REFUGEES REFUSE VACCINE Liberals demand that non-Muslim children be forced to take vaccinations. They seek to destroy any personal religious liberty of Christians, Quakers, or any non-Islam group. However these groups do not have history of widespread disease.  But tell a Muslim ...

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POLL: Should Trump Ban Muslim Veils In America?

Trump has already pledged to keep Americans safe by banning travel from countries with radical Islamic terror. Now another major country, Norway, is banning Muslim veils in schools, as they make it hard to educate young women (read more below). Do you think Trump should put an end to this ...

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Should Loretta Lynch Go To Jail For Her Crimes?

It’s an odd quirk that liberals are quick to accuse conservatives of the very things they are guilty of. We saw that from Hillary again and again. The left have regularly attacked Trump for things they cannot prove. Yet we learn that their own people were doing those things, including ...

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POLL: Should We BAN Islam In American Public Schools? [VIDEO]

In case you missed it, radical Muslims worldwide have been on a rampage that has reached a fever pitch, with radical Islamic terror attacks dominating the news headlines almost every day. You see what’s happening in Europe, and you probably can see how this will happen in America. Democrats don’t ...

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