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POLL: Are Sanctuary Cities Putting American Lives At Risk?

Donald Trump and Sarah Sanders both spoke about the travesty of a trial where murderer and illegal alien Garcia Zarate was found ‘not guilty’ in the ‘accidental’ shooting death of Kate Steinle. Its no surprise that San Francisco would harbor such dangerous individuals, but the truth of the matter is that ...

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POLL: Will You Celebrate The Christ Of ‘Christ’mas?

2017 has seen an annoying amount of liberal protests as they bemoan any and everything that slightly ‘offends’ them. It’s nothing new that they will attack anything that portrays Christ as the main focus for Christmas. Will you celebrate the Christ of Christmas? Source>en-volve    

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POLL: Do You Agree With Trump’s Decision To Do Away With DACA?

Major news sources are reporting that Republicans are divided over DACA. Some are saying it could affect Republican’s control over Congress. Many feel that DACA mostly affects little children, but in reality the median age for those in DACA program is 25. Do you support Trump’s decision to do away ...

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