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Court Hands Down Devastating Punishment for ‘ISIS Brides’

Sixteen Turkish women who fled their country to join their terrorist husbands in Iraq were sentenced by an Iraqi court Sunday to death by hanging, Deutsche Welle reported. The death sentences were the latest in a series of controversial, fast-tracked trials involving foreign women who entered the country while the ...

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Queen Elizabeth Lets Loose – UNLEASHES on Michelle Obama

BREAKING: Queen Elizabeth is reportedly still furious over what Michelle Obama did during a “sleepover” at Buckingham Palace. During the eight years she was First Lady, Michelle Obama humiliated the U.S. on numerous occasions with her classless behavior. A prime example of this came in 2011, when Michelle visited Buckingham ...

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GOOD RIDDANCE: Miley Cyrus Finally Leaves US Because Of Trump

Miley Cyrus has finally put her money where her mouth is and fled the U.S. because of Donald Trump, but she’s definitely wishing she hadn’t. Freedom Daily reported that Miley was one of many celebrities who promised to leave the U.S. if Trump won the 2016 presidential election. “Honestly f— ...

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