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Papa Johns Just Got a Response For Their NFL Decision

Yesterday, we reported on the decision by Papa Johns to stop advertising on NFL games because it was hurting their sales. And we have no doubts that it is. The NFL is making far too many people mad with what their players are currently doing. These players think that they can continue to kneel during the anthem and not face any consequences. The NFL execs are unable or unwilling to come out with a way to stop it. Therefore, the league is losing large amounts of money on a daily basis, weekly basis and soon to be, yearly basis.

But Papa Johns, the massive, nationwide pizza chain, just got a response from a few of its competitors. They are doing this solely based on the fact that they are losing money because of these actions from the players. If it was about the actual kneeling they would have stopped their advertising a long time ago.

DiGiorno Pizza came out with a tweet that took a clear shot at Papa Johns and their decision to end their advertising. This is ridiculous and they are clearly taking advantage of a very sensitive situation.

They even changed their Twitter bio to say “Better pizza. Better sales. It’s DiGiorno.” This is a play on Papa John’s famous jingle at the end of commercials. People do not understand, apparently now companies do not understand, that these player protests are not something to joke around with.

This is heartbreaking to so many of our veterans around the country and the longer it goes on, the longer they will have to boycott the NFL. The sales are going down strictly based on the NFL’s poor decisions. And sadly, they have showed nothing that makes it look like they are planning to change their minds.

Papa Johns made the right decision for their company by canceling their NFL advertising. The fact that they are being attacked for such a simple announcement proves that the left has no clue about the truth. this is getting out of hand and it needs to stop. But more than anything, the players of the NFL must stop kneeling.

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