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Chicago Democrats Offended by DOJ Using Term ‘Illegal Alien’

For those who don’t know, an illegal alien is a person that is from another country and crossed our border without permission. These people are dangerous and this is why Trump and his administration want to protect us from. Every single person needs to know and understands this. At the moment, The Chicago Tribune is offended by the Department of Justice due to involvement with “illegal alien”.

Breit Bart reports that the Chicago Tribune wrote: “In a democracy that values the rule of law, word choice is important, especially when those words come from voices of authority.” Their saying is correct while their meaning is more than wrong. People need to understand that the word choice is very important and that is why the DOJ together with attorney general use the most legally accurate term when discussing illegal immigration and sanctuary cities.

Immigrant, illegal alien or alien is the same thing and is used by the federal government for a person that is in the United States from a foreign country. A person who has entered in this nation illegally and The Chicago Tribune did an attack on the DOJ for its use of the standard language for a person in the U.S. illegally.

“A not-so-subtle shift in word choice by the U.S. Department of Justice this week has largely gone unnoticed,” Chicago Tribune writer Todd Slowik told. “I’d like to call attention to it. I think it’s another sign of how quickly a ‘new normal’ is taking hold, regardless of foundation in facts or law.” Basically, at this point, this writer blamed the DOJ that the use of this term is offensive. Of course, this is not true. Whether the illegal alien has committed a criminal offense or not, they are illegally present in the U.S. – hence the term “illegal alien.”

They are part of the propaganda that is floating around for so long.

This term is not offensive at all and Trump is right because he wants to end their privileges and their entering into this nation. They are ruining anything in this nation at some point. These people are criminals and are sucking our welfare system and destroy our economies.




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