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When Asked About US Aid To Pakistan, Tillerson Just Gave A STUNNING Response

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced that the Trump Administration will be reviewing its aid programs to Pakistan during a congressional hearing on Friday. Tillerson’s exact words were:

“We are beginning an inter-agency policy review towards Pakistan. [Continued American aid to Pakistan] is going to be one of the considerations.”

These comments were in response to Congressman Dana Rohrabacher’s (R-CA) poignant questions during the hearing:

“Are we still giving money to Pakistan? Dr. Afridi (who helped locate Osama bin Laden)…is being held in a dungeon there, and the Pakistanis continue- we know the ISI continues- with the notorious support of terrorist elements in Afghanistan. Why are we still giving Pakistan any aid at all?”

The ISI is the Pakistani intelligence service agency.

Tillerson noted that Rep. Rohrabacher’s concerns were “well-founded,” and went on to say:

“The president has asked the question specifically about our level of support and funding to Pakistan. No decision is to be taken until we complete that policy review.”

Rep. Rohrabacher has been speaking out against aid to Pakistan for years, here’s one of his impassioned pleas to stop aid- maybe now that Trump’s in charge, someone will listen:

Pakistan has proven to be a destabilizing force in Afghanistan and a sponsor of terror, yet according to Rep. Ted Poe, who was also at the hearing, Pakistan had been getting $500 million a year in aid- not including military aid.

I am so happy we finally have an administration in charge that is willing to critically review these practices—an administration that is TIRED of America being taken advantage of.

(h/t Economic Times)



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