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TURN OFF MSNBC: What They Just Said About President Trump Is Unforgivable

Just when you think fake news outlets like CNN and MSNBC couldn’t go any worse, they manage to find a way to sink to new depths. What MSNBC host Thomas Roberts said during an interview with former DNC chair Howard Dean Sunday morning about President Trump’s tweets condemning the London terror attack was truly outrageous:

“…seems like the president is trying to provoke something that he can criticize more for his own gain in America. Do you feel that way?”

All I can say is wow. Thomas Roberts was literally implying that President Trump wants a terror attack to happen in America so that Republicans can get more votes. This is probably one of the craziest things I have ever heard

As if that weren’t enough, Roberts used the SAME question again in another interview with Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, saying:

“So let’s not be PC about this. Is the president trying to provoke a domestic terrorist attack with this Twitter rant only to prove himself right?”

This is a whole new level of sick. I am amazed that MSNBC even has an audience anymore, but their plummeting ratings definitely indicate Americans are tired of their biased journalism.

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