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TERROR IN AUSTRALIA: The Media Isn’t Talking About The Horrible Thing That Just Happened In Australia

An incident Monday afternoon that has left one man dead and three police officers injured in Melbourne, Australia, is being treated as a terrorist attack.

29-year old Somalia-born Yacub Khayre killed a newly married father of one before taking a woman hostage in an apartment complex.

After being under police siege for two hours, Khayre ran from the building and began opening fire on the crowd of police, injuring three. He was quickly shot and killed.

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton stated that Khayre called a news organization after he had taken the woman hostage to say he was dedicating his attack to ISIS.

Khayre has a long history of violence and was on parole at the time of the attack for charges of “reckless intentionally causing injury.” He had also been linked to a terror plot in 2009.

Some reports say he had a difficult childhood after immigrating to Australia, turning to drugs and violence. His family distanced themselves from him after he was linked with the 2009 terror plot.

Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull had ONE important question when he spoke about the incident Tuesday morning:

“He was known to have connections, at least in the past, with violent extremism. He was a known, violent offender. How was he on parole?”

Yacub Khayre was CLEARLY a dangerous man with a violent past, gripped by radical Islamist ideology.

Australia must review and reform how they treat violent offenders and those formerly linked to terror plots to prevent further atrocities.

Australia needs prayers right now. We are all sick and tired of terrorism. For some reason the American mainstream media is not reporting on this. Share this story 50,000 times so people know terrorism is a global threat!

(h/t The Guardian)



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