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DISGRACED! John Kerry Will Hide His Face In Shame After This UNFORGIVABLE Attack On Trump

Despite our country’s U.N. ambassador insisting that President Trump plans to renegotiate a better deal to hold down world temperatures, former Secretary of State John Kerry still had some whining to do about the Paris Accord. But in an interview with NBC News’ “Meet The Press” on Sunday, Kerry went way too far with his opinion of our President’s decision.

“He’s going to go out and find a better deal?” Kerry said. “That’s like, I mean, that’s like O.J. Simpson saying he’s going to go out and find the real killer.”

It seems Kerry is more concerned with bashing his President than considering the facts. President Trump has gone on record with his reasons and it’s always been about putting America first.

“The Paris deal hamstrings the United States,” President Trump said last Thursday. “I cannot in good conscience support a deal that punishes the United States.”

The REAL question here is how in the world Kerry could compare the President’s goals to O.J. Simpson’s vow in 1995. Not only is the statement a backhanded insult to our President, but it paints his recent choices as selfish.

If there’s one thing President Trump has proven, it’s that he’s not doing this for himself, he’s doing this for his country. If Kerry can’t start doing the same, then the citizens of this country need to speak out loud enough to shut him up for good.

sources: marketwatch.com



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  1. We had to pull out of several things, because all of obama and his helpers stole america blind at least president Trump. Is doing for america 1st.

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